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Simmel Center

PVC windows – System S 9000 AD








acrylcolor® white aluminum

It’s not so easy to say what color the new Simmel Center at Dresden’s main train station is:

The façade bears variously colored matte and shiny aluminum panels coated in spectral colors that iridesce in the colors of the rainbow depending on the incidence of light: an iridescent sight for anyone passing by on a train or in a car. The aluminum look is also adopted by the building’s window profiles: The 880 window elements of the S 9000 system bear the acrylcolor® color white aluminum.

At 204 meters long and 40 meters wide, the Simmel Center forms a voluminous block. IT companies, the administration of a health insurance company, a large food market and Dresden’s largest hotel with almost 800 beds reside on 50,000 square meters of floor space.