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A heart
made of wood

Wooden windows from Sebnitz
A pleasant


Wood contributes to well-being like no other building material. This is due to the wonderful look of the natural material and physical properties that we only perceive subconsciously.

The high-tech material from nature has excellent thermal insulation properties, meets the highest technical standards and grows back in domestic forests.
„Wood is a natural product.
I can see it, feel it, even taste it. For me, there is craftsmanship and passion in every window.“

— Marco Winkler
wood production

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wooden windows

Wood has become increasingly important as a building material in modern architecture. The low thermal conductivity of the natural product ensures that the window frames radiate a pleasant temperature. The ability to regulate humidity ensures a pleasant indoor climate too.

Wooden windows have a positive ecological balance. They have excellent physical properties and can be manufactured in almost any shape.


Wooden windows look excellent. They can be made in different types of wood such as spruce, pine, larch, douglas fir or oak and you can also show nature. The surface refinement offers numerous possibilities to give the elements an individual design, or even to redesign them after a while.
IV92-I New construction

Decide on the optimal timber system for new construction projects with wood windows: our IV92-I wood window.

IV78-I New construction

With our IV78-I wooden window you are opting for the grace of natural wood in your new building project.

IV92-I Renovation

Decide on the optimal timber system for renovation and new construction projects with timber windows: our IV92-I wood window.

IV78-I Renovation

With our IV78-I wood window, you are choosing the grace of natural woods in your old building-renovation project.

Production with

Our machinery comes from the world’s largest manufacturer of woodworking machines. Only with innovative technology in combination with craftsmanship is it possible for us to manufacture in a consistently high quality: various window types with different frame thicknesses.

For optimal results in the manufacturing process, every step of the process, from the selection of wood to glazing, is checked by the trained eyes of our employees. They all stand for our quality.
Are you looking for the perfect wooden windows for your project?
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We are not a simple window builder.
We are consultants, donnectors, co-thinkers,
inspirer and initiator.
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