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sound insulation

In our own home we want peace and relaxation. Sources of noise disturb a cozy living atmosphere, so that structural noise protection is of central importance, especially for windows:


The negative effects on health caused by noise exposure cannot be denied.

The classification of a window in terms of sound insulation is based on the sound insulation index. This indicates by how many decibels of noise from outside is attenuated on average before it enters the home.

Noise levels of up to 90 dB are measured even on main traffic roads in inner-city areas. Our plastic windows have good soundproofing properties and can be classified in soundproofing class 5 out of 6 with the appropriate glazing.

Our wood and wood-aluminium windows are in no way inferior to plastic windows and, with good soundproofing properties, achieve soundproofing test values ​​of up to 48 dB, depending on the design and construction, and even up to 66 dB for special constructions such as double or box windows.