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Recommendations for purchasing windows:


The market for window profiles is characterized by the use of the following three materials: PVC, wood and wood-aluminium.
We will help you with your dessicion:


Which frame material is used depends on factors such as the type of building, the personal taste of the builder and the budget.

But the environmental damage caused by the manufacture, use and disposal of the products also plays a decisive role. With a market share of 54 percent, the most important material for window production in Germany is PVC. In Europe, the proportion of plastic window constructions has increased from 24 to 38 percent over the last ten years.



Rely on quality, design and innovation when making your selection.

PVC window systems guarantee ideal protection against environmental influences, cold and noise. They are extremely easy to care for, durable and never need to be painted again. And, the profiles are 100% recyclable.

PVC windows can be designed individually and stylishly. Choose the window system that fits the requirements of your building projekts best. Window systems already fulfill basic requirements from a frame depth of 60 mm. For higher demands, we use the construction depth of 82 mm as a stop or center seal system. The Gealan Futura window system with a construction depth of 82 mm and a foam-filled insulation chamber forms the premium segment and meets the highest requirements of low-energy construction.



Wood has become increasingly important as a building material in modern architecture. There are good reasons for it:

The high-tech material from nature not only has excellent thermal insulation properties, but also meets the highest technical standards and grows in local forests. Wooden windows have a long service life and are extremely economical.

In addition, wooden windows look excellent. They can be made “nature” in different types of wood such as spruce, pine, larch, Douglas fir, oak etc. The surface treatment offers numerous possibilities to give the elements an individual design, or even to redesign them after some time. Wooden windows have a positive ecological balance. They have excellent physical properties and can be manufactured in any shape. Wooden windows are trendy.



The combination of the frame materials wood and aluminum combines all the advantages of the “living” building material wood and the advantages of high-quality aluminium.

They radiate aesthetics, value and an unmistakable design – from our point of view the most convincing arguments for this combination of materials.

Wood-aluminium windows are available in a wide variety of designs. They can be equipped with useful and reassuring additional functions, such as burglary resistance and sound isulation. In their combination, the frame materials deliver exceptionally low Uw values. The aluminum protects the valuable window on the outside from the weather. Inside, the warm, satin-matt natural wood colors create a homely ambience that adapts to any style. High-quality aluminum and natural wood are the best choice when it comes to designing modern building envelopes. Let yourself be inspired by wood-aluminium!