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Make it safe and protect your home or property with our security hardware. Find out what options there are:

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In the window, steel security bolts, so-called mushroom-head pins, offer stubborn resistance to attempts to pry open.

Frame insulation is largely unnecessary, since wood itself is a very good insulating material and at the same time breathable. Wood and wood-aluminium windows, the profile structure, the construction depth and the type of wood used also determine the thermal insulation properties of the frame. Soft wood insulates better than hardwood.

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The comfort mushroom bolt, in combination with the locking plate 2 in the frame, is a real power pack and resists break-in attempts up to resistance class RC3.

And it is also adaptable: Thanks to the self-regulating height adjustment and rolling function of its mushroom head, it is always optimally adjusted. The window is permanently locked and easy to operate. In contrast to conventional frame parts, which are only locked with one screw, our Sebnitzer security locking plates are screwed to the frame three times.

A lockable window handle offers you double security. On the one hand, the mechanism of the closed window is additionally locked. On the other hand, it also secures the window from the inside – and that is certainly useful in children’s rooms.


Our priority is your safety: this lock and the associated continuous locking bar are standard for your safety in use:

A multiple locking system with a main lock and a bolt-swivel hook combination stop the intruder on his foray. The front door is locked five times on the lock side and offers the criminal hardly any starting points to pry open.