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Optimal thermal insulation of your window depends on the perfect interaction between profile, seal and glazing. Modern windows help to noticeably reduce heating costs.


Combine your construction of glass
with a solid window profile.

In the last years, the requirements for thermal insulation in windows have increased. Most of the energy losses in buildings occurred in the window area. Greater construction depths and the introduction of multi-chamber systems ensure that PVC profiles are classified in frame group I according to the new thermal insulation ordinance. In conjunction with modern thermal insulation glass, K-values ​​well below 0.9 W/m²K can be achieved.

The glass in double or triple glazing is the main carrier of heat and energy in a window and thus plays a crucial role. This pane is ideally combined with a solid window profile and a good seal. This frame structure not only ensures the stability of the window, but also its thermal insulation properties.

INSULATION PVC windows INSULATION wood / wood-aluminum windows

PVC windows

Intensive-Core-Insulation (IKD®): additional thermal insulation through foam technology

With the intensive core insulation IKD®, a chamber in the window frame is filled with a highly insulating special material. First and foremost, excellent thermal insulation values ​​can be achieved with this technology. The stability of the window is significantly improved by the static dry glazing STV® in combination with a standard steel reinforcement and particularly large window elements can be realised.

The foam adheres to the profile by pressure and not by surface bonding. When sawing the window parts, the foam falls out of the profile and can therefore be easily recycled separately from the profile.

  • foam-filled profiles in connection with the static dry glazing STV®
  • Significantly improved Uf values ​​< 0.95 W/(m2 K)
  • when using glass with Ug= 0.4 W/(m2 K) and the corresponding edge seal, are Uw values ​​up to 0.61 W/(m2 K) possible

Insulation: Wood & Wood-Aluminum

Wooden windows can demonstrate their natural advantages with there insulating frame.

Frame insulation is largely unnecessary, since wood itself is a very good insulating material and is breathable at the same time. In the case of wood and wood-aluminium windows, the profile structure, the construction depth and the type of wood used also determine the thermal insulation properties of the frame. Soft wood insulates better than hardwood.