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Your home is such a retreat that gives you a good feeling of safety and security. But does your home actually offer the protection you want for your well-being?

At home

Most people sleep best where they feel unobserved and safe — and that’s what makes your home so valuable.

Current burglary figures show an alarming trend. More and more apartments and houses are being broken into and cleared out. The material damage is significant. However, the psychological damage and traumatic after-effects on the burglary victims cannot be quantified. In the winter months in particular, burglars are in high demands.

Under the cover of the darkness, the poorly visible windows and front or patio dors are acting like a personal invitation to the burglar. They can make life difficult for burglars.

windows & doors

With burglar-resistant windows and doors you make the burglars life difficult.

The term “burglar-resistant” is used by window experts to describe the properties of windows and doors that resist attempts at forced entry. In terms of effective burglar resistance, windows and doors depend on professional installation, the profile, the mechanism and the glass or, in the case of doors, the lock. Together, they form the security chain that determines how much effort is required to prevent burglary.
But beware: the security chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  • an automatic lock automatically locks the door when it is closed
  • a quick opening with a credit card or a spring steel is impossible
  • Special locking cylinders withstand all conventional burglary methods
  • Individual adaptation of the safety equipment to the safety requirements is possible
  • As a safety feature of a lock, the core protection prevents the cylinder core from being pulled out
  • it is a movable cylinder cover made of high quality steel
  • the key is inserted through a narrow opening into the co-rotating disc and the cylinder behind it during the opening and closing process
  • the cylinder core cannot be pulled or torn off with special tools

6 security

Effective burglar resistance
through tested security hardware in your window

Professional burglars break through any standard window in just a few seconds. Six defined security classes, called RC (Resistance Class), indicate the resilience of certified windows and doors.

A window certified according to RC1 offers basic protection against physical violence, for example kicking and jumping. This also includes professional installation, four locking points and a lockable window handle with anti-drilling protection.

In resistance class RC2, there are at least two additional locking points and safety glass in the window in addition to the basic protection. The windows provide effective resistance to screwdrivers, pliers and wedges.

In class RC3, a total of up to 13 locking points provide additional protection. They also withstand burglary tests with heavy tools such as crowbars.

RC4 to RC6 are resistance classes that are rarely used in private living environments. The production of windows and doors in this protection class is complex and expensive. These panes are safety glass, which is glued from several panes to form a composite.