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We stand for partnership

and quality
by our name.

From planning to delivery and installation, your windows are in best hands with us. Trust the professional window constructors from Sebnitz!


We build windows.
For more than 100 years.

Sebnitz is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany, the Saxony Switzerland with the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Windows and doors have been manufactured here according to the wishes of our customers for over 100 years. Emerging from a former sawmill, the company has constantly expanded over the last century and wooden products were already being exportet to East and west Germany in the days of the German Democratic Republic.

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Development and production
experience for more then

30 years

In 1992, Siegfried Jehle and Arnim Weyer founded the sebnitzer fensterbau GmbH company.

In line with our philosophy of “Quality deep into Detail”, we manufacture building elements made of wood and pvc in all their diversity. We are a reliable partner for leading companies, craft businesses and a proud family run company: With the arrival of Florian Jehle as successor to Mr. Arnim Weyer, the tradition is in good hands.


Our machinery guarantees production processes to be clear and precise.

From the preparation of the offer to the release for dispatch, we can tell you exactly which production step your window is in. But don’t worry, we won’t simply leave your windows to the “arbitrariness of technology”! The entire production is subject to the watchful eyes of our employees, who always take a close look at the work step that has just been completed.


Many people can build windows.
All in all, the quality, especially in large projects, always depends on the commitment and flexibility of the team.

We reorganized our entire production in order to be able to retain our older employees and their imensive experience as long as possible. We made and make physical work as easy as possible – in our company you can retire healthy.

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We are not a simple window builder.
We are consultants, connectors, co-thinkers,
inspirer and initiator.
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