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Feeling comfortable within your own four walls: A pleasant indoor climate plays a decisive role in this. Learn more about ventilation:

PVC Wood & Wood-Aluminum All window types


Reducing humidity in the air is not the only requirement for modern room ventilation:

The anti-PVC campaign launched in the mid-1980s led to the formation of a negative opinion in parts of the population. However, it also contributed to the fact that the manufacturers of plastic windows had to deal with the ecological recycling of old windows.

In the following years, numerous studies were carried out, which dealt with the ecological evaluation of different materials for the production of window frames. These studies showed that PVC is ideally suited for recycling.

  • Regulation of the humidity of the air in the room
  • Renewal of used breathing air
  • Removal of odors and pollutants
  • Regulation of room air temperature
  • Supply of air for room air dependent fireplaces

Ventilation for

For a pleasant living climate when using pvc windows provides GECCO:
  • Constant basic ventilation
  • No drafts at high wind speeds
  • No operating errors possible due to automatic operation
  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • No whistling noises due to drafts
  • Cost-effective
GECCO offers additional benefits such as pollen and fine dust filters and insect protection.

The automatic ventilation system can be used for all window systems with a construction depth between 62 and 90 mm and is open in the normal position – air can circulate unhindered. At higher wind speeds, the flap automatically closes the air duct and prevents unpleasant drafts. The GECCO works completely independently.

Ventilation for
Wood & Wood-Aluminum

The arimeo® window rebate ventilators for wood and wood-aluminum windows for different applications.

arimeo® is a self-regulating window rebate ventilator for our wood and wood-aluminum windows and is used by us in all common systems. It regulates the air exchange when the window is closed and is placed in the window frame. The window rebate ventilator adapts to the frame contour and frame color and remains almost invisible even when the window is open.

The air is guided exclusively through the window rebate. The incoming fresh air enters the room via control flaps of the ventilator. Due to the precise rotary joint technology of the control flaps, air flow regulation takes place, which reacts to extremely fine air movements. The control flaps limit the air flow with a high degree of sealing in the event of strong wind loads, effectively preventing drafts and energy wastage.

Advantages of using arimeo®:
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Sound insulation up to class 4
  • Controlled air exchange
  • Concealed in window rebate – not visible when window is closed

Ventilation for
all types of windows

Der passive Fensterfalzlüfter mit optionalem Drehverschluss als flexible Lösung gegen Feuchtigkeit und Schimmel.

The AEROMAT can be easily and almost invisibly installed in wooden, plastic and wooden-aluminum windows. Depending on the requirements, there is on the one hand the Aeromat mini and Aeromat 80 which exchanges the room air without power consumption by means of pressure difference. On the other hand, there is the Aeromat 100 and 150 which has a fan that ensures controlled ventilation. The two variants differ in their overall height.

  • Can be used with or without motor
  • Retrofittable
  • Ventilation and deaeration individually selectable
  • No drafts
  • High air performance – ideal for office and administration buildings
  • Installation vertically next to the window, horizontally above or below the window