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Tips for buying windows:

Pvc windows recycling

The market for window profiles is characterized by the use of the following three materials: pvc, wood and wood-aluminum. We will help you in the decision-making process:


No disadvantage compared to wooden windows

The anti-PVC campaign launched in the mid-1980s led to the formation of a negative opinion in parts of the population. However, it also contributed to the fact that the manufacturers of plastic windows had to deal with the ecological recycling of old windows.

In the following years, numerous studies were carried out, which dealt with the ecological evaluation of different materials for the production of window frames. These studies showed that PVC is ideally suited for recycling.

Closed and environmentally friendly cycle

Until 2005, wooden and plastic windows could still be disposed of in designated landfills. Since then, only waste materials with an ash residue of less than 5% of the original mass may be landfilled. This criterion is not met by either wooden or plastic windows. However, since the life cycle of windows made of PVC – from the extrusion of the profiles to their use and return to recycling in the production of new profiles – represents a closed, environmentally sound cycle, this requirement does not result in any disadvantage for plastic window profiles.

Plus in terms of acquisition & maintenance

The economic aspect also plays a major role in assessing its use as a building material:

It is known in the industry that PVC stands up to economic comparison with alternative materials. While there are already serious differences in the purchase cost of windows between the materials, and wooden windows are significantly more expensive to purchase, the comparison of maintenance costs is also clearly in favor of plastic windows.

Studies have shown that the cost of maintenance of wooden windows over a period of 25 years is up to 1800% higher than that of PVC windows. Of course, the amount of this percentage depends on how much the homeowner cares about the external appearance and functionality of his windows.

It is proven that with regular maintenance of plastic windows, their utility value is maintained for a long time at an acceptable cost.