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Schönhof district Frankfurt

PVC windows – System S 9000








outside: acrylcolor® 7039 quartz grey
inside: traffic white

PVC windows for the Schönhof district in Frankfurt

The Schönhof district is characterized by its forward-thinking urban concept. With around 2,000 apartments, a primary school, several daycare centers, local amenities, and generous green spaces, it sets standards for modern and livable urban living. About two-thirds of the apartments are intended for rent, while one-third is offered for purchase. The total area of the developed area is an impressive 125,000 square meters, and the district will provide a total of 30 percent subsidized housing.

The courtyards of the district are ecologically designed, offering attractive communal areas with perennials, trees, and playgrounds for children. Large slender column beeches and column oaks contribute to improving the summer climate, while photovoltaic systems on the roofs contribute to sustainable energy generation.

The architectural design of the Schönhof district follows a clear guiding idea. The merging of urban lifestyle and nature has created a building ensemble that significantly shapes the representative cityscape. The facade design, inspired by European Gründerzeit elements and Parisian boulevards, creates a bright, friendly, and urban atmosphere. We were able to make a significant contribution to the relief design of the exterior facades with our windows.