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Lindenau harbor, BF 3+4

PVC windows – System S 9000








outside: acrylcolor® silver
inside: traffic white

It was originally planned as part of a visionary transport infrastructure, but nothing came of it. The dream of a maritime city with a canal connection to the world’s oceans simply did not come to fruition over the centuries, but Lindenauer Hafen, as one of the last waterfront locations in Leipzig, is nevertheless one of the city’s great areas of potential.

As a forgotten brownfield site, nothing much happened for decades. In July 2012, the city council decided to connect the Karl Heine Canal with Lindenau Harbor. Since the harbor was flooded in 2015, an attractive neighborhood has emerged there with a lively combination of residential, commercial and recreational space with a direct connection to the water.

And Leipzig’s newest urban quarter continues to grow: with vinyl windows from sebnitzer fensterbau, six 5-story residential buildings with 89 turnkey apartments were built here from 2017 to 2018. Only the waterfront promenade separates the development from the harbor basin. From the apartments, the view of the water extends through the windows, some of which are floor-to-ceiling – the GEALAN S 9000 system stands for the highest standards in insulation and appearance.