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Sandstone gardens Pirna

Wood windows – System IV78-I




2021 – 2022


Wood – pine


Outside: Reseda green
Inside: Reseda green

An idyllic residential oasis in the heart of the city

This residential complex is characterized by its timeless architecture and is located just a ten-minute walk from the bustling market square in the center of Pirna. But what really makes the sandstone gardens special are our wooden windows made of pine wood in the special color Reeseda green, which were installed in the residential properties.

Our wooden windows made by sebnitzer fensterbau not only add a charming aesthetic touch to the buildings, but also offer excellent insulation properties that increase living comfort and promote energy efficiency. The choice of frame color conveys a natural, inviting character and harmonizes perfectly with the lush landscaping of the sandstone gardens.

The different house types and light-filled apartments, are an ideal place to live for families, couples, individuals and those in need of care. The architectural concept emphasizes the close connection to nature and thus creates an inviting, green oasis of well-being in the heart of the city, where our wooden windows provide an additional, special accent.