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This is important to us:

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Your home is such a retreat that gives you the good feeling of safety and security. But does your home actually offer the protection you want for your sense of well-being?

Out of respect for our nature

Quality also means responsibility for us

The people from Saxon Switzerland have always had a very special relationship with nature. Perhaps because they experience the growth and development of proud tree giants and the beautiful landscapes up close in the densely wooded national park.

In any case, our quality standards are based not only on our love of our craft and our products, but also on respect for our precious nature. Therefore, we rely on numerous measures for the most sustainable production of our windows in our plant in Sebnitz.

Our measures at sebnitzer Fensterbau:
  • own power generation through photovoltaics
  • promotion of e-mobility
  • active reduction of the total energy demand
  • 100% of used and broken glass is returned for recycling
Responsible use of the raw material wood

Global forest destruction continues unabated. Wood from controversial or illegal sources as well as wood from non-sustainable forest management is also present on European and German markets. The renunciation of tropical woods is a good start, but also the origin of so-called “domestic” wood species such as spruce, pine or larch is not always clear.
We believe that the world’s forests must be saved from further overexploitation and destruction and prefer FSC-certified wood. In addition …

  • we heat with wood chips.
  • we use only water-based paints.
  • we flocculate paint and separate it from water.
  • we do not use tropical woods.
PVC windows recycling

It is known in the industry that the PVC withstands the economic comparison with alternative materials due to its durability and excellent properties.

The life cycle of windows made of PVC – from the extrusion of profiles, through their use and return, to recycling in the production of new profiles – represents a closed, environmentally friendly cycle. We also recycle everything from the chips during milling, through the profile and its sections, to the gasket.

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