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Quartier St. Leonhard

PVC windows – System S 9000








outside: acrylcolor® quartz gray
inside: traffic white

The long-neglected St. Leonhard neighborhood is to become a social and architectural beacon project for Braunschweig. The Richard Borek Foundation is realizing an integrative neighborhood there in which people across generations will find a supportive neighborhood in which they can live, work and learn – even if they live with limitations. This network is unique in its inclusive and intergenerational diversity in Braunschweig and even in Germany. The investment volume amounts to 35 million euros.

A neighborhood is being created that will convert the existing listed buildings and supplement them with new buildings. The new buildings will include apartments for people with disabilities and for senior citizens. In addition, an “International Kindergarden”, a boarding school, a specialized outpatient clinic, a day clinic as well as for a diaconia station and medical practices will be created there. The gross floor area will total just under 25,000 square meters.

The social focus will tie in with the original social use of the site as a hospital for the sick in the 16th century.