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Investments in the future

In cooperation with the company URBAN we installed a new welding cleaning line in the PVC production. An investment that has paid off for us as an employer but also for our employees:

  • automated destacking without physical exertion
  • ergonomic swivel tables fully integrated into the distribution buffer system

The company URBAN writes in a published article: “Actually, Florian Jehle, Managing Director of sebnitzer fensterbau GmbH in Sebnitz East Saxony, initially only wanted to optimize the logistics process in his production. When everything was planned here, Jehle and Fred-Karsten Karl from Urban Sales then went one step further and the result was a completely new high-end production line with an AKS 6910 and SV 530 with a speed option.

“It really turned out that way and I’m glad that we tackled and implemented the project right away and didn’t proceed step by step,” says Florian Jehle.

Logistic gap eliminated

Jehle soon realized that Urban was the right partner for him when he first spoke to Fred-Karsten Karl about stacking. “Originally, my father and I only wanted to replace the roller conveyors to close our logistical gap with the frames. Luckily, Mr. Karl talked us out of that and really worked out a perfect plan,” says Jehle.

The logistics were renewed with an automatic stacking including buffers for sashes and frames.

The AKS 6910 was implemented in a U-version so that the floor-to-ceiling door elements with a 140 mm threshold also run through automatically during the welding process.

Florian Jehle is very satisfied with the implementation, especially because the assembly took place during the confusing first Corona phase. “I have to give Urban’s fitters credit for that: they stayed here in Saxony over the weekend because nobody knew whether they could come back on Monday when they drove back to the Allgäu. That would have been fatal for us, because the old line had of course been dismantled long ago. In the end everything went really smoothly. We are completely satisfied. Urban has proven once again that you can rely on the company 100 percent,’ says Jehle.

The enthusiasm was so great that Florian Jehle ordered another FAS 320 sash stop table during the installation in order to integrate it into the logistics process.