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Technology in detail:

Intensive core insulation

GEALAN’s unique insulation technology provides additional and effective thermal insulation in the frame:


Intensive core insulation: additional thermal insulation through foam technology

In IKD® intensive core insulation, a chamber in the frame is foamed with a highly insulating special material. First and foremost, excellent thermal insulation values can be achieved with this technology. The static dry glazing STV® in combination with a standard steel stiffener significantly improves the stability of the window and makes it possible to realize particularly large window elements.

The foam adheres to the profile by pressure and not by surface bonding. When the window parts are cut, the foam therefore falls out of the profile and can be conveniently recycled separately from the profile.

  • Foamed profiles achieve significantly improved Uf values < 0.95 W/(m2-K) in conjunction with static dry glazing STV®.
  • When using a glass with Ug= 0.4 W/(m2-K) and the corresponding edge seal, Uw values of up to 0.61 W/(m2-K) are possible