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Everyday traineeship: carpentry work begins on the computer

You always have to be smart about it

Until then, it was completely new to me that most carpentry work does not start with a circular saw or a workbench, but with a computer. And if you look at it more closely, even earlier, namely with the first idea, which you first record in sketches. This planning phase is not only about the design, i.e. the division of a window, but above all about how the construction of individual parts should look like depending on the material properties or the machining techniques.

In addition, there are properties such as burglary protection, insulating glazing, energy optimization and special installation requirements. And of course you have to think about the production costs when making the calculation so that the product pays off in the end. Pretty complicated. A thousand thoughts in one offer.

Creative, technical & commercial

Anyone who wants to become a carpenter these days should not only have a good connection to creative design and IT, but also an understanding of complex and technical processes and a head for commercial thinking. And one more thing: two skilled hands are a “must”. When I then (by accident, of course) also got an offer to take a look at some companies from the inside by means of an internship, so I could convince myself that the interesting words and pictures in the information brochure actually corresponded to reality, then I had alredy made up my mind. “Yes, I will become a Wood machanic”.