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09-2022: We have already included 4 electric or hybrid vehicles in our vehicle fleet. There is no need to go to any gas station, as the vehicles are charged at their own charging stations.

VFF Annual Congress 2021 in Berlin

09-2021: Finally meeting each other personally again.Laughing together again and finally following what is happening on stage spellbound. The VFF Congress on September 23 and 24, 2021 in Berlin offered all of this to 250 enthusiastic participants.

Successful generation change

09-2020: Mr. Siegfried Jehle has gone into well-deserved retirement together with his wife Marie-Rose. Florian Jehle, who has acted as junior CEO alongside his father since 2013, is now the captain himself!

Investments in the future

04-2019: Actually, initially only the logistics process in production should be optimized. The result was a completely new high-end production line.

delegation from Seoul

08-2018: Thanks to the numerous customer projects we have already implemented abroad, we were able to get ourselves into the selection process for a new project in South Korea, more precisely in Seoul.